Asterisk was started by a group of athletes, including several motocross riders with extensive backgrounds in design and use of orthopedic devices. It continues with our extensive quality control methods and new R&D engineers. The motivation behind the formation and growth of the company was, and still is, to bring state-of-the-art protection and performance products directly to the athletes. Asterisk’s commitment to quality starts with our all new manufacturing facility where all of Asterisk products are made from high quality materials and every attention to detail. At Asterisk we’re always looking to improve. After years of feedback from our professional athletes we’ve taken our complete line of knee protection and made it even better. With all-new composite technologies Asterisk engineers are busy working to make knee protection stronger, lighter and better fitting than our competition. Asterisk was founded in 2000, is the leading global knee brace manufacturer located in Corona, California. Asterisk braces are proudly made in the USA.

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